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  • 5 million

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Earn more at AAA Trading

  • Free daily market analysis

  • Remote education Directed Transactions

  • Follow the most recent news 24 hours a day, five days a week.

  • Take advantage of Negative Balance Protection to safeguard your funds.

  • Superior customer service Live support

Why Choose AAA Trading?

Global Regulation

It is licensed by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as a sub-brand of Doo Group and adheres to enhanced regulatory standards.

centered on customers

Customers always come first at AAA Trading, regardless of account type, account size, or net capital value. All of our clients receive the same high standard of service and degree of assistance. This is a value that AAA Trading upholds and won't change.


Widely known

We are a reputable broker with over 5 years of experience, offices all over the world, and clients from over ten different countries.

Fairness and transparency

There are no hidden terms at AAA Trading. Pricing, striking prices, and promotions all come into play. The benefits of our promotion are the same regardless of the size of the client's investment.


Easy and convenient

The needs of the customer come first when designing and maintaining all of our systems. From the account opening process to account management, making deposits or withdrawals, and eventually trading. It is easy and user-friendly for all of our clients.


AAA Trading APP

Trade over 1000 assets Advanced analytic tool available Access to your account on both PC and Mobile

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Users Worldwide

Free profits with AAA Trading

Invite friends

Invite friends

After you open the firm offer, you can immediately give you cash for trading, and you will get some compensation after you lose money

Trading master

After becoming a trading master, you can continuously provide you with bonuses by issuing documentary documentss

Novice reward

Novice reward

Invite your friends to get cashback and trade with them. You can continue to receive cash

Invite friends

Anniversary Celebration

When a "lucky user" orders during the month, the profit is doubled and the loss is subtracted.

Join the clash of clans

The activity's participants are split into two teams and will compete in a trading competition while being led by the teacher. Depending on their level of contribution, the winning team will also earn cash, a Xiaomi phone, an iPhone, and other prizes.

Customer Review

Currency exchange

I don't deal much, but the teachers and information inside give me a lot of knowledge about currency, and I can see the currency exchange rate at any time. It's a good app.

Stock trade app

A relatively easy-to-use software for trading stock indices, it is recommended to use.

Forex market

Normal withdrawals, easy to use charts, low latency, an easy-to-use market application.

Business app

Indicators are really great.

Clear and clear

I have been using this software. Clear and clear, used to it, it feels easier to use than a computer, easy to use.

AAA Trading

I am an old user of AAA Trading. I have been crashing recently. I hope to do better.


Been using it for over a year, it's pretty good.

I'm used to it

I've used it for several years, I'm used to it, I don't want to change it now.


It is indeed possible. specialized!

3,000 to 30,000

From 3,000 to 30,000, I have been using it all the time, and it is very good.


Fully functional and smooth to use.

Stock and forex!

The platform** is great, the data is clear and accurate, and it provides a favorable guarantee for my investment.

Great market

The function is really good, allowing me to pay attention to the inflow of funds in advance!


nice nice nice

Very good

Very good, the instructions are clear and clear, even Xiaobai can understand.

I love to trade on this app

Even if someone gives me tens of crores to trade in other apps than this one, I will never accept it, I love to trade on this app.

AAA Trading

I really like seeing new places, but don't have that much money, now I make money from AAA Trading, spend it on my travels, see new things and learn from them.

Demo account

Can money be transferred from a demo account to a live account? I have no money to invest.

Win money

I am happy when I win.


Thanks for improving the app.


Great interface with clear deposit pages and easy-to-understand graphics.

Better than other app

I don't know anything about trading, but now I'm better than ever.


Being able to generate interest from markets that I'm not currently good at, and then I'll share their experiences and methods for you.

UPI is great

Your decision to add UPI is great and makes my job here a lot easier.


The app has amazing features but no functionality or crash issues. Charts are suitable for most things with the most immediate real-time data.

Great app.

Great app. Love the charts, great update, no charge yet. best trading app.

Earn easy money!

My friend in Mumbai recommended this app to me. It is really easy to withdraw cash and recharge quickly, and the charts are convenient and easy to use. It is a good app.

Professional broker

I saw the company's office building in Mumbai and it was solid.

Money maker~

Gold jumped $70 last Friday. Luckily, I bought it right before, $1000 became $10000! It's crazy.

Professional stock trading

The stock market has been so bad recently. Fortunately, AAA Trading can help me make some money. Otherwise, I don't know how to explain to my family.

Quick cash out, quick cash in Compared with other apps, the advantage of this app is that it is very convenient to charge money, there is no handling charge for withdrawal of cash, and I can bear part of the loss for free, so that I will not lose money. Great.

Proud of myself.

This is really a contest between wisdom and information, the market is cruel, fortunately I beat the market, I am proud of myself.

Nice app

There is no doubt that the security of this app is guaranteed. Their customer service staff told them where they work. After visiting the app, they found it was really good and they were very concerned about the Indian market.

Proud of myself.

This is really a contest between wisdom and information, the market is cruel, fortunately I beat the market, I am proud of myself.

Professional customer service. Cheers for you They have a dedicated Hindi-speaking customer service and it's really convenient to be able to communicate in Hindi.

Thank you

I met a lot of people I traded with in the group formed by the recent team event, they taught me a lot of knowledge, thanks to them.This is really a contest between wisdom and information, the market is cruel, fortunately I beat the market, I am proud of myself.

My wife is very happy

I used the profit to buy a gold bracelet for my wife.

Earn after work

I will trade some foreign currency in the interval of work, which is more than I can earn at work.

To the community

I want to add a community feature and I can't wait to share my profits with traders.

Gold, bitcoin, oil, forex, stock There's a lot to trade here, including Gold, Sliver, oil, Bitcoin, Luna, USDT, Forex, Stock, and more.

Thank you AAA Trading

I did make a lot of money during this time, and AAA Trading is really a good application.


make my pocket become big.

Get a lot of money

a bussiness app, make money app, earn easy money.


Cheers to the future!

My favorite app

I've used IQ, Vantage, Investing, OLYMP, but AAA Trading is the best.

Make a fortune

AAA Trading has given me another way to make a fortune. Since January, I have made about 20,000 US dollars. Although it is troublesome to withdraw and deposit funds, it is still reliable.

Make money easy by phonepe Can be deposited through many channels, such as phonepe, PayPal, paytm, etc.

I hope you can give me some bonus Although I don't earn much, it may be my own problem, but the withdrawal and deposit are very smooth and the experience is very good.

Hope to become number one dealer in India The charts and quotations are very timely, there is no delay, and the teacher's explanation is also very detailed, which has helped me a lot.


Another binance.

Best app

The software is convenient and easy to use, and it is the best foreign exchange software I have ever used.


The teacher Cascade is great, I made about $500 according to his explanation, not a lot but I am satisfied.

I really like this app

I really like this app.

Start trading

I will be turning 18 next month and until now I am learning demos and then I will also start trading with a live account.

Reliable and trustworthy