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What are Indices CFDs?

With an index contract for difference (CFD), investors can speculate on the future price movement of the underlying index and trade it. Contracts for Difference, or CFDs, are agreements between two parties to swap the difference in an asset's price between the contract's opening and closing dates.


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Trading Example

Suppose you wish to trade CFDs where the underlying asset is the NAS 100, known as the NASDAQ 100 Index:

NAS 100

Open the Position

You decide to buy 1 contracts of NAS 100 because you think that the NAS 100 price will rise in the future. Your margin rate is 1%. This means that you need to deposit 1% of the total position value into your margin account.

Close the Position

A few hours later, if the price moves to 15112.70/15114.94, you have a winning trade. You could close your position by selling at the current price of 15111.70

Notice:In this case, the price of NAS 100 moved in your favour. Therefore, you will earn money within a few hours. But, if the price had declined instead, moving against your prediction, you may have incurred a loss.

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