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Access CFD trading on leading stocks like Apple、Microsoft、Amazon、Tesla. Diversity your portfolio on AAA Trading platform.

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What are Stock CFDs?

A contract for difference (CFD) on stocks is a type of investment that follows the performance of the underlying asset. With stock CFDs, investors can trade stock price fluctuations without really holding any business stock.


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Trading Example

The asset is Tesla Stocks. Let us suppose that the Tesla Stocks CFD is trading at:


Open the Position

Tesla is trading at 207.13/208.13 and you are confident that Tesla's latest product release will boost sales. You plan to purchase 100 shares of Tesla. With every contract, a one point (a price movement of 1) increment equates to $1 USD.

Close the Position

One month later, following the release of sales results, the value of Tesla has risen to 210.34/211.34. As a result, you make the decision to sell 100 Tesla Stock CFD contracts and calculate the net profit.

Notice:In this case, the price of Tesla moved in your favour. Therefore, you will earn money within a few hours . But, if the price had declined instead, moving against your prediction, you may have incurred a loss.

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